Gicleé Prints

Gicleé Prints are recognised by galleries and artists worldwide, as a true representation of the original artwork and are valuable collectors items in their own right especially 'Limited Editions'.

The word Gicleé is derived from the French 'to spray', and is an accurate description of the technology used to produce the print. A method that enables precise reproduction of the colours, subtle tones and visible textures of the original art.

NOT to be confused with inkjet printers or litho printing which build an image through an accumulation of dots.

I use professional Gicleé printers to reproduce my work, using inks that are guaranteed by the manufacturers to be lightfast for 100 years.

The paper used for the displayed price for my paintings, unless stated otherwise, is ' Fine Art Textured 210gsm' an archival paper at an economic price.

All Gicleé prints come with a certificate of authenticity and technical specification signed by myself.


Some 'Limited Edition ' prints will be on other specialist papers or canvas, but these will increase the cost accordingly.

A 'Limited Edition' will be a guaranteed maximum print quantity.

(For example: in a Limited edition of 25, each print will be numbered in sequence, the first being- 1/25 and signed for authentication. After the 25 have been printed, no further copies will ever be available).